All About Taylor

Diagnosed with Scoliosis at age 11, Taylor learned she needed to wear a back brace for a year and a half. Then, her curve worsened during her teen years, she underwent 3 Spinal Fusion Surgeries. Now, armed with wisdom and compassion, Taylor is ready to devote her life to aiding young women with the struggles of Scoliosis and Spinal Fusion.

For more details on her story, read all about it here.

A Note from the Author

Hey boos! If you are new here to my page, here’s a little insight to my life.

I am a recent graduate from The University of Texas at San Antonio where I majored in Interdisciplinary Studies to become an elementary school teacher! I made it all the way into student teaching where I realized God had other plans for me. He was not quiet about it either! So many blockades came in my way the second I started my clinical teaching.

One day in the fifth grade class I was teaching, I was reading a few books to see what the kids should read next. Then, it hit me like a bus. I realized I loved reading and writing and the only reason I wanted to teach was to spread that love… that PASSION. But I knew I was wasting my time with teaching and I walked out that day. I was so happy leaving that school and walking into my new life as a blogger, a writer, and so much more possibilities.

Thankfully, I had all my college credits in order, so I could still graduate and have a degree under my belt!

It was a rough transition going from having my whole life planned out as a teacher with stability…. to a blogger! I thought I was nuts to give all that up for the chance that I would be successful. But, I still, to this day, have persisted and pushed to achieve what the “impossible”.