What to Expect During a Cannabis Tourism Visit to Denver, CO!

1.) What’s the Deal with Dispensaries?

Going to a dispensary for the first time was not as easy or glamorous as media makes it out to be. I went to a recommended dispensary that was in a cute, antique looking building. I walked up a set of stairs that lead to a long line where the bouncer checked IDs and gave us a number. I never expected that I had to wait to be served, or that the line would be out the door. Since, the products are not legalized on a national level, all products must be purchased in cash. Thankfully, they do have an ATM machine just past the bouncer.

While waiting in line, there were a sparse number of menus to see the selection of flower, oils, edibles, and so much more! However, the menus heavily relied on having prior knowledge about cannabis and all the products. This was pretty stressful because the line moved quickly and if you miss your number, you have to start all over! The employees are very nice, but they are no nonsense and don’t like people hogging the line while deciding on what to purchase. You pretty much HAVE TO know what you are going to buy before your number gets called. I consulted with my sister and boyfriend to see what we all wanted and what was the best to purchase. I spent only about $50 and got cookie edibles, a one time lube package (it makes your pu$$y get high), and Ripple Packets (5mg THC and 5mg CBD of white soluble powder that can be added to any drink). I was very happy with my finds.

I didn’t get any flower because of the strict no smoking policy in the hotels would make it difficult to use up before flying back home. Plus, the kind I have back home is just as good, so why not try the fun stuff?

The first thing I tried were the cookies and boy were they dangerous. They tasted just like a regular tiny snack pack of cookies and you definitely could eat the whole package without realizing. Later that night, after one too many cookies, my boyfriend Darrel had a freak out in the hotel room! We laugh about it now, of course, but from his perspective, he thought when I was being comforting that I was trying to coax him into giving up and dying…. I died laughing when he told me this because I was telling him the high feeling won’t go away for a few hours, so he should just lay down for the night and sleep. He took it as I wanted him to “sleep forever”. So, pro-tip, don’t overload on the edibles, especially if you are new to the experience.

Next, my sister, Rachel and her boyfriend, had purchased this nifty THC oil vape pen that basically had no smell and was very smooth to take hit from. I felt like I was smoking in the future for sure! Anytime you have the opportunity to get a vape pen, I would highly recommend it for its discrepancy and ease of use! When I got home, I contacted my local plug and found the same product! This is all I have in the house now and it puts my mind at ease about smell, lung health, and convenience of being able to grab it and go! My pen oil was $60 or 2 for $100 and has lasted me almost 3 weeks now! It is only about halfway used. Cha-ching! Talk about saving money.

2.) Munchies and Where to Find Them!

Brunch – The Most Important Meal of the Day

Denver Biscuit Company

Yes, the biscuit was the size of my head. Yes, the biscuit was cooked like french toast and sandwiched a piece of fried chicken, bacon, and honey butter (did I mention my BF is deathly allergic to honey, but I still risked it for the biscuit… literally lmao sorry babe). Pair that with self serve coffee (and a packet of Ripple) and a bacon cinnamon roll, you got dia-beet-us and the best vay-cay ever! I would go back to this place in a clogged heart beat! This is a place you don’t want to go if you are on a diet of any kind because, oh boy, the food was very rich.

The only downside to this restaurant is the long wait. For Brunch with 6 people, we waited about an hour. BUT, and this is a big butt, there was a bar about 20 ft. away from the restaurant that had lovely chill vibes and inexpensive mimosas! This was the perfect pre-game for my biscuit. Look at it. You can’t be sober and enjoy this to the degree a tipsy and slightly high person could.


Slice Works Pizza

As seen on “Food Network”, this small, relaxed restaurant delivers BIG flavor in BIG slices of pizza! Somehow, the thin crust was perfectly crunchy and doughy with every bite. I’m not sure whatever voodoo they are doing to that pizza, but it is working for them. Keep it up!

The menu doesn’t stop at pizza. They also have calzones , deep dish, salads, pasta, sandwiches, and more! There are options for the whole family or group!


Milk Box Ice Cream (Located in Union Station)

Late night ice cream in an art deco train station sounds like the most millennial thing I’ve ever done. This ice cream had a vast selection of flavors unique to the location. The ice cream was very rich and instantly made my stomach hurt, so I just took a bite from Darrel’s maple ice cream with sprinkles on a waffle cone. I would not go back to this ice creamery simply because I found the employees slightly rude and the ice cream physically made me sick. If you have a stomach of a champion then, by all means, this is the place for you! They also serve “Little Man” ice cream sandwiches as an alternative.

3.) Become One with Nature!

For those of us who enjoy the great outdoors, Boulder is about an hour drive from Denver. There you can find beautiful mountains with trails to scenic routes. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the memo about wearing sneakers that day, so I hiked in suede knee high boots straight uphill. Not super fun for my feet, but the views were amazing and it felt really great to be able to get out of the city and the rental car to go burn some energy and play outside. Especially after all the sugar we had.

Cannabis Tasting Tours are a great option for older visitors who were brain washed by the Nixon administration to think cannabis is the devil, like my parents, because it has a familiar, classy feel like wine tasting. It is a nice way for them to dip their toe into the water of being able to publicly smoke without anxiety of judgement! Plus, there are tons of options to have a yummy cider beer infused with CDB for those who are just starting to get into the culture and normality of the availability of cannabis products.

I hope you enjoyed this article! I know I had a blast writing it and living it.

With Faith, Trust, and Weed Dust,

Taylor ❤

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