How To Build Your Booty With Scoliosis + FREEBIE

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Hey, sisters 😉

If your goal is to booty build and really grow that peach, many trainers will say that you have to lift HEAVY to get those kinds of curves!

Which is true! But, with scoliosis or spinal fusion, this can strain your back or even cause a flair up! You have to work up to being able to do moderate to intense exercises, if possible. You also need to listen to your body and not push past your limits!

A lot of workout videos say things like, “keep going” and “push yourself!”, but they are typically in the mindset that they are speaking with an able-bodied person. For us with scoliosis, there are certain pains that shouldn’t be pushed through!

Unless you have amazing form and have built your way up, I wouldn’t recommend lifting more than 20lbs. at a time. Like ever.

But, I have tried it all and compiled my best tips for low-impact booty building to help you embrace your inner thicc queen, all in an easy 5 day plan! You can repeat the plan as many times as you’d like!

Remember, your back should not hurt doing these exercises, but if it does, double check your form by working out in front of a mirror. Scoliosis has its way of making us a little wobbly and uneven. We have to focus on squaring our hips and having symmetry!

Booty Bands are Key!

Once you have mastered certain exercises, using only body weight, you can add resistance with a booty band! This is the same as adding weight, but far more comfortable and accessible, especially with Corona!

Booty bands usually come in a pack of 3 containing a light, medium, and heavy resistance band.

Start with the light band and appropriately work your way up to medium, and then heavy. Your booty will be bubbly in no time!

My booty has gotten in shape since quarantine! I workout 5 days a week for 12-25 minutes! That’s it!


I have made a special, low-impact routine for you to help grow your peach without all that pain!

Weight Gain Isn’t Bad!

Muscle is more dense than fat. If you are working your booty, you probably will gain weight from the muscles in your bum! If you aren’t seeing a change in size, you might need a surplus of calories to help your muscles get BIGGER! You can’t build something out of nothing! If you are burning all your calories for the day or are in a deficit (if you are slim), this will slow your results. You have to eat enough calories and protein in order for you to see results quickly! Especially if you are thin already. If you are on the curvier side, like me, just focus on eating the right ratio of protein in your daily calories.

I highly, HIGHLY recommend drinking a protein shake right after you work out. No more than 15 minutes after! If you have a protein powder, only mix it with water and nothing else. This way, your body can begin protein synthesis to repair the ripped muscles!

Doing this will also help you recover MUCH faster and help with soreness! You can feel it immediately working after drinking it. Sometimes, I’ll be shaking and dragging myself to the kitchen for a shake, because I worked out so hard. After I drink it, I can walk like a human again! Science is weird, right?

When you aren’t aching and hurting from sore muscles, it’s easier to workout harder and more often! Again, you will see results faster this way.


I have made a special, low-impact routine for you to help grow your peach without all that scoliosis pain!
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