How to get cute for Scoliosis Awareness Month

***This post is NOT sponsored, but may contain affiliate links.***

πŸ’š 2020 has been a whirlwind for sure. Many of us participated in muting our accounts for the past week to listen and learn! I understand that some might feel like posting about scoliosis awareness month, right now, seems vein, like I am contributing to the problem. I hear you. Like, I have always said before, YOU have a voice on my blog to share your story. I have a platform for you to use at anytime, not just for Scoliosis (whatever you feel like is important for others to see.)

I will never know life from your perspective, but I am your ally and I love you and your life matters!

I loved this crop top so much, I ordered the t-shirt!

With that being said, my #Scoliosis and #ChronicPain Warriors can spread awareness of Scoliosis AND help out by purchasing one of the “Invisible Illness Squad” shirts or candles – Right now, half of your purchase is donated to the Minneapolis Fund! πŸ’š I got the crop top😍 To get your own, head over to @chick_with_a_walking_stick and click the link in her bio!πŸ’š Or click the image below!

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