How To Talk About your Scoliosis

I admit it. Talking about my Scoliosis is hard.

It’s hard because of how complicated it is to explain, especially in layman’s terms. However, I do it anyway. I do this because I am being my true authentic self and have the desire to educate others on the topic. As you know, I have this blog to help spread awareness if Scoliosis and support those who suffer from it. So, in person, I try to do the same thing!

When talking to others, I make sure it’s a back and forth conversation instead of me rambling about my whole life story. It’s long, complicated, and emotional, which can make some people uncomfortable.

Make sure to listen to them and answer any questions they have. Remember, you never have to “explain yourself to others”, so if you aren’t comfortable with the conversation or question, just say so! It is your business, not their’s!

Telling my story is a great example of the importance of early detection of Scoliosis.

By talking about Scoliosis, we raise awareness and help others recieve a diagnosis and help sooner!!! Be an ADVOCATE for your Scoliosis brothers and sisters!

How do you talk about your Scoliosis?

**Scoliosis is a spinal deformity where the spine is curved and shaped like a C or an S. Sometimes, Scoliosis is caused by prior neuromuscular issues, but most people, like me, have Idiopathic Scoliosis. This means there is no known cause of why I have Scoliosis (was not caused by a pre-existing condition or injury).

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