Supriya’s Scoliosis Story

Name: Supriya

“[My Scoliosis] was noticed in maybe 2015-16 and I was serving the guests and they noticed, one of my shoulders was more outward than the other one. Once they pointed it out, we didn’t think much of it.

But then, my mom took it seriously [and] took me to the doctor and they took an x-ray. To our horror, we saw the exact thing we didn’t want to. I had a curvature in my spine and it struck me like a big rock.

I started crying in the doctor’s office while my mother comforted me. I just saw my dreams crumble in front of my eyes that x-ray… laying on the table.

We went home and my mom and dad got extremely worried about me.

[To add] a little back story to what I was up to at that point, I was preparing for my black belt exam and I knew it was my passion and I knew I could do it, and I knew that nothing can come in my way. I was an example for many younger students in the class, but after this, I went into [a] *depression. I couldn’t focus on studies. I was failing mentally, emotionally, and physically. I remained absent for medical check-ups.

In [my] school, students started bullying me about how my back looked, I stopped going to my taekwondo classes, I lost weight drastically, and I was definitely not doing well.

With this, came **the bags under my eyes. My face started changing and in my opinion, it became uglier every day. I hated my life, I hated everything and everyone, including myself. I cried myself to sleep…

But [then], I started drawing and painting! Let’s just say this worked out [in helping my mental health]. Doctors and surgeries were brought into conversations. My grandmother would taunt me and tell guests about my scoliosis. But I’m focused on what I love nowadays [art] and scoliosis has made me stronger.”

Thank you, Supriya! I am so happy that you were able to overcome such a hard time in your life by finding a new passion in art, which is therapeutic and more accessible!

*For resources and help with depression, check out my scoliosis support page.

**I love how she used this phrase because it, obviously, is my blog name. But, I chose that name to emphasize how physically and mentally taxing scoliosis really is.

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