What women with scoliosis wish you knew about pain!

Hey, everyone! I met a wonderful woman, named Jennifer Pond, through Instagram (@rose.andpain).

She is has suffered from *Spondylolisthesis since 2014 and is currently recovering from Spinal Fusion surgery. Her Instagram account is dedicated to supporting, connecting, and uplifting those with chronic pain. Recently, she launched her own blog, Rose & Pain, which is absolutely beautiful!

I had the honor of being featured in one of her first posts, “What Women Living with Persistent Pain Wish You Knew“. 10 other women, from all over the world, and I wrote a paragraph about what we always wished people could understand about our unique pain experiences. Before I give too much away, just head on over to her site and read it for yourself!!!

* A forward displacement of a vertebra over a lower vertebra, due to a congenital defect or injury.

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Hey! Don’t forget to get your copy of “3-Days of Scoliosis“! This workbook will help you come to terms with your chronic pain and trauma from surgeries.

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