Why I Gave Up Alcohol

Mental Health

It’s no secret I have dealt with Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. (One day, I’ll have a “tell all” of my rock bottom(s) and how I got to where I am now.)

Since being hospitalized in 2016, I have been through countless hours of therapy and worked on tweaking the perfect mix of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds. It is such a tedious and lengthy process to go through.

Alcohol is very dangerous to mix with medications, especially ones that affect your brain (they pass the blood brain barrier, as does alcohol). After being on anti-anxiety meds for a year, I noticed that even the smallest amount of alcohol will make me a little unhinged the next day… And kinda angry.

Because I care about getting myself healthy, I don’t want to drink something that makes it hard to be patient and calm. If I get really angry the day after drinking, I disassociate and lash out at the people I love, saying things that I don’t mean. They don’t deserve that kind of treatment!

Physical Health

Drinking is just not beneficial to your health in my opinion! Not only being hard on your liver, but cocktails, margaritas, and some beer and wines are packed full of simple sugars. One big margarita can be half of your day’s calories. One marg isn’t going to get me drunk or even tipsy, so what’s the point of that?! I’d rather eat my calories!

Cost Per Drink

Drinks are so freaking expensive. I’m only 22 and still starting out in life, so I want to spend my money on only necessities or amazing bargain finds! Honestly, if I’m getting something to drink, I’d rather spend that money at Starbucks.

Mental Clarity

2020 is going to be my year of healing and putting the past behind me! I’ve been woking on keeping myself in a neutral emotional state, so I don’t pop off at someone or get depressed. Christian meditation/yoga videos on YouTube are my BFF. If you don’t let the little things, like an annoying noise, bother you, it won’t turn into a big thing like, lashing out or ruining your mood for the rest of the day.