How to Survive the Holidays with Scoliosis

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We know holidays are not always a pleasant experience. Sometimes there’s tension, bitterness, and weird family dynamics. Mix that with chronic pain and you have a recipe for disaster! But, let’s take a deep breath and try to enjoy the season! Here’s how!


Slowing down for a moment to talk with God can make a huge difference in our temperament around family. Ask God to grant you the patience and strength to not only avoid conflict, but to also grow your familial relationships and enjoy the holidays! Turn to God for guidance on how to minister to those who are negative.

Be Proactive about your Back Pain

We all know that being in pain makes us irritable which can grow into anger and short temperament. Even if you don’t usually take pain meds, it might be a good idea to take a few ibuprofen just in case! You can even prep beforehand to make sure your back is relaxed. Avoid being in pain by using my $3 trick here! If you are traveling for the holidays, make sure that you check out my tips on how to travel with Scoliosis!

Remember to Eat

Low blood sugar is never a great idea while being around mixed company. Keep some easy snacks in your purse! I am obsessed with Trader Joe’s “Joe Joe’s”. They are basically candy cane oreos and are 1000% addicting and 100% Vegan. They are only around seasonally during Christmas, so get them now!!!

Meditate in the Bathroom

Go take a moment for yourself if you start to feel stressed or emotional. Family coming together once a year is just asking to some kind of subtle (or not so subtle) tension. Even if people think you are taking the biggest shit of your life, escape to the bathroom if you need a while to recover from your aunt insulting you or your grandma raving about Trump…

Stick Up for Yourself

Sometimes, family members, even with the best intentions, forget about your limitations. You might get told to take out some heavy trash, set up chairs, or to wash a bulky casserole dish. No big deal for an able-bodied person, but for someone with chronic pain – nearly impossible. Know your limits and kindly remind that person. You can even suggest a better way you can help like, setting out dessert or sweeping up!

Remember, you cannot control the way others treat you. You can only control the way you react to them! Be patient with your family members and don’t let the small stuff irritate you and become a big problem.

Happy Holidays! Love you all!

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