How to travel with minimal pain with scoliosis!

1.) Prepare the Night Before With Yoga

Your body is going to be a tangled knot from sitting on a plane or in a car for hours. So, do your body a favor by prepping the night before with yoga. Unwrinkled your tight muscles and drink lots of water (seriously!). I know people who try to dehydrate themselves, so they don’t have to go to the restroom a million times, which I get because it’s annoying! However, since you have Scoliosis, that’s not really an option because your muscle will cramp up and give you bigger problems than having to pee-pee on a plane!

2.) The Right Shoes Will Make or Break Your Trip

Have you ever been out in heels or bad shoes before and noticed that every part of your body straight up just hurts? Think about that when you are exploring a city or navigating an airport. If your feet hurt, your knees will hurt and then it will travel up your hips, back, and neck.

Once that happens, you probably won’t be focusing on your vaycay, but instead on how badly you are hurting. I know that I typically walk miles and miles on vacation, so I try to bring shoes with a little squish to them. I have a pair of Sketchers that are super cute and have memory foam throughout! They are the best for exploring!

3.) Shuttles are Always a Must

Don’t try to prove to yourself that you can drag your luggage a mile across the airport parking lot. Just don’t. You are only hurting yourself for pride. Wait for the shuttle and let the driver help you with your bags. Why would you overexert yourself first thing on your trip? Even with an invisible illness, you need to let people help you. You don’t have to explain yourself. As Khloe Kardashian always says, “opinions are just like ass-holes, everyone has one.” She’s not wrong per-se. So, don’t let other people’s possible judgement stop you from getting the accommodations you NEED.

4.) Did You Take Your Meds?

Don’t expect that just because you are in a different time zone you are not going to be in hella pain all the time. Set alarms and keep up with your medication routine, so you don’t hurt yourself or cause more inflammation.

If you don’t take pain meds, just order some wine, relax, and try to fall asleep… at least that’s what I do!!! Or the more “terrifying” option, you can take an edible in the car and wait for it to kick in the plane. I have done this before and it was amazing because I slept the ENTIRE flight.

5.) Comfort Items

Blankies, neck pillows, socks, mittens, and anything else you can use to stay snuggly on the plane and prop your back up if needed. Unfortunately, I recently learned the horrifying truth about airplane blankets…. Apparently, they only get washed maybe once a month even if they are in the plastic packaging!!! They seriously put the dirty blanket in a plastic package to trick you into thinking it’s “fresh”. I am disturbed by this, so PLEASE bring your own blanket.

Speaking of germy planes, I recently came across an amazing company on instagram called, The Barrier Method. They have stylish scarves that double as a face mask using fabric that is antibacterial, light weight, wicking, UPF 50, breathable, non-pilling, wrinkle-resistant, & inhibits growth of odor causing bacteria. Plus, it is made out of 100% Eco Anti-bacterial Polyester!

I love this concept! I am so grossed out by certain aspects of travel and am terrified of getting sick. With having Chronic Pain, the body responds in the same way as it does with stress. This causes your cortisol levels to rise, which causes many health concerns including a compromised immune system! Don’t let your body keep suffering by getting sick, especially on your vacation!

I contacted their company and they agreed to let my readers have 10% off of their purchase! At check out, just use the code: Taylor10

I recently found out that my mother has to go through chemo therapy again (I’ve been crying all week which is why I haven’t posted until now) and of course that entails her having to wear a mask in certain public places, especially with flu and cold season coming up. So, I think this will be a great option for her!



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