“The Confidence Creators” Impress at Free Brunch Event

Hey, boos! I had a great weekend where I had some yummy coffee and met some amazing people! I live in San Antonio, TX which happens to be where The Confidence Creators are located and held a Meet and Great Brunch! “The Confidence Creators” is an inspirational, empowering podcast that teaches listeners how to be confident and sure in their life paths. My kind of podcast!

I had never heard of them prior to signing up for the event, so I listened and studied the podcast, like any overachiever would do, while I biked at Planet Fitness. It made my workout go by quickly because of all the interesting topics I was learning about. I was so excited to meet these ladies in person! (They were super sweet btw)

You can find this podcast on Spotify!

The event was held at a downtown bar called “Runbar”. Runbar is this cute vintage looking house where people meet up during the week to run and then socialize afterwards! So cool! They also rent out their space for events like these.

“The Confidence Creators” booth.

There were two food trucks and a good amount of vendors lined up along the fence line. First things first… I hit the coffee truck!

Olla Express is a baby blue converted VW van that sells coffees and horchata. I got the cold brew because it was so humid and hot outside, I’m pretty sure hot coffee would have killed me. The cold brew was AMAZING! For just being coffee with cream and 0 calorie sweetener, it had a bold flavorful taste that I am still craving. Although, it is on the pricier side. This little cup of iced coffee was $5! However, if you are in the mood for a damn good cold brew, it’s worth it in my opinion!

This ABUBA ETHRÈUM bracelet set was gifted to be by Sandflair! Use my code “SNDFLRTAYLOR97” at check out for an extra 30% off!

During the event, I mixed and mingled at the booths with the local business owners and ambassadors. Interestingly enough, I met two women who have family members with Scoliosis! They were SO sweet and gave me a coupon for a free workout at their gym called “Burn It In 30”, which I can’t wait to go and give y’all a review.

They also kindly took my picture in front of their flower wall!

Kimono is from Rue21 and I think the dress is from Forever21.

Over all, I had a great morning and I can’t wait for the next event!




Guys, listen up!  I am super excited to announce I will be working with ROX Jewelry Shop @roxjewelryshop  which is locally, women owned and operated by a Geologist in Austin, TX!!  #BuyLocal!

They specialize in jewelry with high quality stones, gems, and crystals at a reasonable price! The BEST PART is they donate part of your purchase to the charity of YOUR CHOICE! One of my favorites is, “A Moment of Magic Foundation” where children in hospitals from all over are visited by their favorite princess, super hero, etc. to help “kids just be kids” in the midst of their illness. Most of us with Scoliosis can relate to this due to our many surgeries, braces, procedures, etc. I basically lived in the doctor’s office as a kid. It was dull, sad, and it made me have grow up fast. Remember those feelings? Imagine if Moana burst through the hospital door and became your BFF. Wouldn’t that have made it a little easier?

 It doesn’t stop there!!! They have a whole plethora of other items to choose from such as shirts, accessories, and home decor for those who still want to help their cause, but are on a budget – like me! To help you out a little more, you guys get to use my code “chanelbags15” to get 15% off of your order  Yassss! Stop what you’re doing and go check it out! Here!

High Quality Rose Quartz Pendant with VEGAN Leather!
Check it out here!

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