The Best Aesthetic Fall Cleaning Motivation

Hey Boos!

On my last day off, I decided to get some major work done around the house. I’ve been slowly decluttering and reorganizing the apartment in anticipation of our upcoming move in October, in addition to regular house work. Zzzzz… So, I obviously needed to brew up a big pot of coffee. First things first.

The only cup that was clean was my Harvest Blessings cup, which made me so excited about fall coming up and gave me ideas. I live in Texas and it has been SO HOT for several months straight. With school starting, I know that the first cold snap is not too far off. I’ve been spending my time daydreaming of PSLs, leggings galore, and over-sized sweaters paired with knee-high boots. Hello, Ariana.

With all of this floating around my mind, I lit my Pumpkin Waffle candle from Bath and Body Works and got down to business.

For a little inspo, I pulled up YouTube to watch a British TV show called Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners. The whole premise of this show is pairing people who have OCD with hoarders to help them clean their home! I don’t know about you, but I get so inspired to clean my home when I see how gross other people’s homes can be. I’m pretty sure it’s subconsciously fear motivated, but whatever gets the house clean!

After 4 hours of cleaning in spirit of a Disney Princess, I decided to make the first batch of Pumpkin Bread of the season! I went straight to Pinterest to try a new recipe. My inner Skinny Bitch thought of substituting half the sugar for Splenda… and it turned out amazing!

When my boyfriend came home from work later, he ate a huge bite and was complimenting the bread saying that it’s the best batch yet – before I even told him it was half the sugar. He was mad impressed.

The bread had to bake for about 70 mins. which obviously meant it was nap time for me! I curled up in the fresh sheets of my bed while the cold A/C imitated a fall breeze. The smell of warm pumpkin pie spice drifted from the oven and through the air as I drifted to sleep. Don’t worry… I set a timer!

Have you guys ever seen, my favorite YouTuber, Gabi DeMartino’s spin-off of called, “Blood Queens”? The reboot called “Blood Queens Coven” will be out soon and it’s going to be better than ever with more fashion, more horror, and more drama! Check out the trailer below! This isn’t a paid add, I just love her!


Guys, listen up! 

I am super excited to announce I will be working with @roxjewelryshop which is locally, women owned and operated by a Geologist in Austin, TX!! 

 They specialize in jewelry with high quality stones, gems, and crystals at a reasonable price! The BEST PART is they donate part of your purchase to the charity of YOUR CHOICE!

Charities such as, “A Moment of Magic Foundation” where children in hospitals from all over are visited by their favorite princess, super hero, etc. to help “kids just be kids” in the midst of their illness. 


It doesn’t stop there!!! They have a whole plethora of other items to choose from such as shirts, accessories, and home decor for those who still want to help their cause, but are on a budget – like me! To help you out a little more, you guys get to use my code “chanelbags15” to get 15% off of your order. 


 Yassss! Stop what you’re doing and go check it out! HERE!

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