My Personal Scoliosis Story

It all started back in SECOND GRADE when I had horrible back pain and would get in trouble for slouching at my desk. My bitch of a teacher would pull me away from my desk and make me reach to do my school work which caused my back to hurt even more.

Despite being in horrible pain and being tested in school, my scoliosis went undetected. Years later at age 10, I found out I had scoliosis after going to the doctor and getting x-rays. I was actually relieved to know the pain had a reason.

My family decided to go to a chiropractor to help out with my pain and hopefully help correct my scoliosis. I went for several months and got x-rays on occasion. The chiropractors kept telling me that my back was getting better, but I knew the pain was getting worse. When I, as a 10 or 11 year old, found out they were lying to me, I popped off at the lady telling. My mother was so proud of me for sticking up to the chiropractor who had the audacity to tell my my back was hurting because I wasn’t sending it enough “good thoughts.” I was pissed.

After dealing with those scammers, I wore a SpineCore elastic back brace for a year and a half for it to only slow down my curve – not stop or reverse it. I was too far gone… When the chiropractors told my I was getting better, I was actually RAPIDLY getting worse.

At age 13 I had my first spinal fusion surgery where I had segments of my ribs removed to help look of my “deformity”, my rib hump. I am so glad I went through that excruciating pain because my ribs look amazing now! If you want to know how to prep for your spinal fusion surgery, check out THIS post!

After a year they decided to extended my fusion at age 14! My back was in the best shape ever where I was even able to do gymnastics and cheerleading after I healed!

Life was pretty much pain free until I started college. Carrying a backpack for miles, sitting at a desk, and craning my neck studying was not helping my pain. Often times my arms would go so numb from nerve pain that I wouldn’t be able to move or use my arms. I would have to walk around school with my arm drooped and dead. That was very challenging for me. Still, I persisted!

At age 20, however, I fell playing Ultimate Frisbee for my school – Yes, I still played sports. A rod in my back BROKE and I had to have another surgery! Apparently, the bone graph in my second spinal fusion was rejected by my body. This put all the pressure of my back on the rods and not the bone, which caused it to cleanly break and even unscrew a couple screws.

After my third surgery, I felt so much better! Now, at age 22 I am still having chronic pain, but use Pilates, Yoga, and Weightlifting to heal my back and retrain my muscles! Pain is part of my life, but it has ultimately made me such a strong person and for that I am very grateful!

What’s YOUR STORY??? Submit your Scoliosis Story HERE!


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