Scoliosis Story: Louise Dickson

Hello, Everyone! Happy Fusion Friday! I am SO excited to start sharing YOUR Scoliosis Stories. Below is the story of Louise Dickson which honestly had my jaw DROP when I read it. Her story is so moving and powerful. Leave a comment of encouragement below for Louise after you read her story!

“For 27 years of my life I had a pretty normal reality.

I worked hard as a Nurse, married, and had a great friend circle. For as long as I could remember my rib cage at the front was prominent and I had (what I called at the time) a dodgy shoulder blade. It caused me pain, but my job was very physical and challenging and myself and doctors always put it down to that.

I love the gym and keeping fit [because] I have a heart condition which I had major surgery as a child. So, I take my health very seriously.

During a Personal Training session, my trainer told me I had a severe Scoliosis. I really didn’t know what that meant. My GP [General Practitioner] referred me to an Orthopedic Clinic which I waited a year to get an appointment for.

Once I attended that appointment – everything happens so fast. I had a triple curve Scoliosis – Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar and all the curves were classed as severe. I was in shock, especially when I was told Spinal Fusion surgery with a Bone Graft was my only option as my lungs were being affected and it would only get worse. Between diagnosis and surgery it was only 6 months, so all a bit of a whirlwind to get my head around.

I am now nearly 6 months post op and struggling still with pain and stiffness but my curves have reduced massively and my back looks so much better. I am fused from T2-T12 as you sadly my neck had fused itself together already and my lumbar had enough flexibility that is has largely corrected on its own now the thoracic curve is fused. It’s been a huge disruption to my life and a massive shock but I can’t wait to look back in years to come and be so grateful and glad I got through the other side. I will not be able to go back to the job I had before but I will explore other areas of Nursing.

I cannot believe my Scoliosis was not picked up on until I was 27, especially after frequent GP visits on top of annual check ups for my heart. To me this highlights the need to raise awareness of Scoliosis, what it entails, the signs, symptoms and importance of early intervention and diagnosis, which I hope to to do with sharing my story and journey with others.”

Author Bio

My name is Louise, I am a 28 year old woman from Scotland in the UK. I have a wonderful husband and work as a Nurse in an elderly hospital.

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