A Hilarious Take on My Authentic Morning Routine

My morning routine is nothing fabulous or extra. I simply try my best to wake up and prepare for the day coming.

First, I wake up and drag myself to the coffee pot! I need a cup of coffee before I can attempt to do much of anything. Addiction, I know! But get this, I have been waking up at 6am for NO reason. What is life?

I usually don’t eat breakfast, but if I do feel hungry, I have a protein bagel or I make an egg white breakfast sandwich.

If I remember (sorry Jesus), I will spend time with Jesus by either watching a YouTube devotional video or I will read from one of my many devo books. I love supporting small YouTubers who have a great message of the gospel and encouragement. The perfect way to get my day started!

I usually take notes on loose leaf lined paper and put it into a binder, so I can look my notes over at a later time. I also love to have metallic colored markers to jazz up my page with lines and doodles. Kind of like a mini Bullet Journal session. Doing this brings my focus to here and now which is also practicing mindfulness.

After I have had my time with my BFF Jesus, I might go for another cup of coffee and get to blogging!!! This is so hard right now because Darrel and I have a tiny one bedroom with no space for an office!! So, currently I am curled up on the couch writing this and, no lie, it kinda kills my back. BUT, we are moving in just a few months and I will have an office! I’ll make sure to show you guys how I decorate it.

I usually blog or work on advertising for my blog, etc. until about an hour before I have to be at work. This is when I scrape myself off the couch and get dressed, hair, make-up, and all that good stuff. Then off to work!

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