How to Benefit from CBD for Chronic Pain from Scoliosis

Happy Fusion Friday, my loves!!!

Today I have a very special guest – Corlie Ann! She is a Boss Babe, a Mother, and a Chronic Pain Fighter! We initially met on instagram, bonding over our love for, nationally legalized, CBD! Before taking CBD, I could visibly see my muscles swollen and inflamed in my back. After I consistently take CBD oil under my tongue for a few days, all of that goes away. Even my range of motion is better! I’m sure many of you reading this could relate and benefit from trying this out.

Here’s Corlie Ann’s story!!!

“My life has always been a life of Pain. I didn’t know what it was to have a full nights rest. I didn’t know what it was to give my child a bath and not feel like my back was on fire, ripping in half with pain.

I didn’t know what it was to go spend time with my children without needing to spend the majority of the time sitting. I wasn’t able to run and play or even lift them up to the monkey bars. I lived with my pain but it was medicated living.

Then it happened!!!

I heard about CBD oil. I researched it for not only my scoliosis, but also my degenerative joint disease, ptsd, my children’s ptsd, and my youngest who has injuries sustained in delivery.

It worked and is still working!

It gave my children their mother back! Plus, it worked for each of us.! I no longer even have to take ibuprofen. It has changed our lives completely. I wonder how I ever lived without it. Living pain free is how you’re supposed to live. It helped us each so much we made it our family business and are now helping others find the same freedom.”

If this is the freedom you are searching for, comment below or visit her website!

Guest Author Bio:
I am a blessed and grateful Warrior. I have survived domestic violence, almost being killed, and many of life’s hardships. I held a child while they took their last breaths from a fatal accident. I am a Fierce mama of 4. I provide for my family with my home based business, and do it solely on my own. I am a world traveling adventure finder. Empowering and uplifting others everyday.

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