How To Stay Mentally Strong After College

After college, life seems to go from 0 to 100 real quick. It’s easy to lose yourself in the pressures and pace of life and deviate from your happiness in life.

1.) Block Out Negativity

“What are you doing after college?”

“Are you getting married yet?”

“Is that going to be your actual job?”

Even friends and family will ask questions like this that will cause your head to spin.

But guess what!

It’s your life to decide the direction and pace of where it goes. People will always ask tough questions, so we must equip ourselves with a toughness and grit to block that negativity. Easier said that done, but suffering from trying to be someone else’s expectations of your life – is even harder!

2.) Don’t Isolate Yourself

After coming out of a place where you are surrounded by nothing, but your friends, adultier adult life can be lonely. But, nobody said you have to drop all your friends when you graduate! If anything, you should have support of your besties to get through life transitions.

However, that can be so difficult if you live far from your university or you have a full time job that’s sucking your soul! Some friends might even be intimidated by the fact that you are graduated before them or have their dream job. If that’s the case, you should have a polite heart-to-heart ASAP about their jealousy. You may grow closer or, sadly realize that the friendship ran it’s course!

This has happened to me in different ways over the years and it’s always sad, but I found that sometimes, even good friends, need time apart to grow and become the person THEY are supposed to be and you might even become bffs again later in life! Just don’t burn bridges and love them regardless of what has happened.

3.) Keep a Joy Jar

Depression can creep up at anytime, but especially when you are going through so much change. It’s important to seek professional help, but in addition to that, I highly recommend having a Joy Jar. I read about the idea HERE and thought it was amazing!!! Gratitude is a nice way to practice mindfulness and remind yourself that everything will be okay.

4.) Frame and Hang Your Degree

Girl, you did it! Be PROUD of yourself and show off that piece of paper you worked so hard for; pulling all nighters, crying over homework and grades, and eating oatmeal packets for a week straight (no? just me?) because you are broke af.

5.) Stay Youthful At Heart

Just because you are in the next phase of life, does not mean you have to age like a banana over night and start wearing chunky blazers. You are still the same you whether or not you work in a cubical! Work it sis!

If you liked to party in college, then make sure to have time to yourself to out. Go party all night and get brunch in the morning because you aren’t 80, yet.

6.) Have a Budget and Stick to it

Okay, but you are an adult and should start being serious about your finances if you haven’t yet! Know how much money is coming in and coming out! My biggest expense is food!!! Your girl can eat and that adds up quickly if you are eating out constantly.

I found that dinner was where I was spending the most money and eating the most calories. This is because at the end of the day after work and going to the gym for two freaking hours, I do not want to cook or think about washing dishes. Darrel and I usually go hard at the gym and then go feast on some Popeye’s or whatever we are craving. Horrible habit, I know.

So, my solution is taking advantage of this amazing company called HelloFresh! They mail you a package with your week’s worth of dinner for each person in your house. It’s not pre packaged meals, but rather fresh ingredients with instructions to create delicious, healthy meals in under 30 mins.

I love that everything is portioned out, so you won’t have left overs or wasted ingredients. You also get to pick your meal plan for the week and your type of diet. It takes out the brain work at the end of the day, so I can just throw something together that turns out YUMMY and HEALTHY!!!

 Get $40 off on your order when you use my code “TaylorIsTH”

It’s also fairly priced for what you are getting. I know I am saving money. With the 4th of July sale, I got 3 meals each for Darrel and I for $20!!!! That’s such a great deal!

 Get $40 off on your order when you use my code “TaylorIsTH”

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