Do People Notice I Have Scoliosis?

Take a moment to think about how people can be… Selfish is probably a word that comes to mind. Most of the time, people aren’t going to be focusing on the looks of others, but instead they will will be focusing on how THEY appear to others.

Scoliosis typically only sticks out to people who are familiar with the condition. It’s like our sixth sense. We all know to look for the uneven shoulder blades, scar, etc. However, someone who is not well versed in this, would not even notice.

If people do notice my scoliosis, most people don’t know how ask about my scar or my story. Sometimes they even say the wrong thing or nothing at all and just stare.

Regardless, It Shouldn’t Matter!

You’ve been through pain and hard work and should be proud of your scars, uneven hips, and even your rib hump – instead of embarrassed. My scar is a huge conversation starter when I wear low back shirts. Regardless of how the person asks, I try to turn the conversation into a body positive and empowering conversation while spreading awareness. Loud and proud.

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