Fusion Friday: What To Pack For Spinal Fusion Surgery

1.) Baby Wipes/Face Wipes

The first thing I remember after coming out of surgery, besides the pain, was how damn greasy my face was! They put petroleum jelly on your eyes because of how long the surgery is and also you will be face down the entire time. So, yes, your face will be puffy and greasy af. I know when I don’t feel clean I get irritated! So, having a facial wipe is your best friend!

You will also not be able to shower, so if you are not feeling fresh, just take a baby wipe “bath”!

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2.) Pads/Tampons/Menstrual Cup

Since, the trauma of the surgery is so intense on the body, it will do everything it knows to keep you “alive”. Surgery or not, your body thinks you’re a cave woman and you’ve been in a terrible accident. To make sure of your survival, the body wants to make sure you aren’t growing a baby and will start a period REGARDLESS of if it is your time of the month.

I didn’t really think or plan this through when I had my first surgery at age 13…. This, of course, was before birth control, so my periods were HEAVY AND LONG. Because of my age, I was put in a pediatric hospital where they apparently had zero feminine hygiene products and put me in a fucking DIAPER. It was the worst moment of my life because I was bleeding everywhere into this diaper while, not one, but two nursed wiped me and cleaned me up. I wanted to die TBH. So, do yourself the favor by bringing your preferred period products.

If you are at an adult hospital they might have pads, but 100% they will be those old school gigantic pads that are 2 inches thick and don’t really work well.

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3.) Grip Socks

Most hospitals come with a pair of blue grip socks for you to wear during PT and to help you go to the bathroom without falling. However, you will be in the hospital for a week and I doubt you would want to keep the same pair of socks on for that long! So, I always bring extras just in case. If you get a family member to bat their eyelashes at a nurse, you could probably get another pair for free at the hospital.

4.) Toiletries

Bring your essentials as if you were going on vacation! If you have a little travel bag, pack it with a tooth brush, tooth paste, hair ties, detangler (your hair will be in knots for sure!), hair brush, and deodorant! That’s about all you’ll need. Easy Peasy.

5.) Stuffed Animal or Blanket

You obviously need to bring your favorite little stuffed friend or blanky for comfort! It’s very nice and relaxing to hold onto something soft even just with a hand.

6.) Loose PJ’s

When you are able to go home, you will need clothes for the trip home! I recommend very big, loose PJ pants and an oversized shirt. Something that can come on and off with ease. Lifting your arms will be a challenge. You will already be uncomfortable and swollen, so there’s no need to stuff yourself into a pair of leggings and God forbid – a bra! Just let the tatas fly because a bra will (almost) literally kill you. Take my word for it!!!

Do you have anymore tips that I missed??? Comment below and help out your Scoliosis Sisters!!!

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