Things I Wish I Knew Before Making a Sorority Paddle

Making a paddle for your big is very fun and exciting, but sis, there are a few speed bumps in the process!

1.) Paddle Shapes

The only place around here to purchase a paddle IRL is a craft store. For some bizarre reason, the store usually only has two or three shapes of paddles. Only one of which looks like a traditional paddle… the others DO NOT!

I have seen thin long paddles and paddles without handles, which is not the cutest in my opinion.

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2.) Sold Out

The most common time to make a paddle is usually during Formal and Semi-Formal Season. So that means everyone from other sororities are also having formal season and need to buy a paddle. You cannot procrastinate on buying your paddle. I have gone from store to store searching for just one paddle. I would suggest buying just the paddle a few months in advance just in case.

3.) Snoop on Pinterest

If your Big has a Pinterest, research her boards and see if she has pinned any paddles. If she hasn’t, you can still get a general idea of her personal style and try to match that up with a paddle design.

I find it easiest to pick a cute design and then copy it, in order to have a general guideline. Of course, I’ll change the color, etc. to match my Big’s style (which is pretty much my style lmaoo She’s my big for a reason).

4.) Have a Plan

This is mostly for if you procrastinated, but still want the paddle to be amazing. I remember, my friend and I used a Cricut to put the letters on the paddle in the parking lot of our semi-formal.

Of course, I didn’t plan it that way, but at the time I didn’t own a Cricut, so I had to meet up with my friend who had one and have her help me by making the letters. Since formal season is usually ALSO around finals we were hella busy and couldn’t meet up (neither of us lived on campus). So, right before formal was pretty much the only option.

SO EMBARRASSING that I am admitting this right now, but I must be honest! It was a disaster trying to peel up the tiny vinyl letters in a rush with shaky hands. If you aren’t well versed in Cricut skills beforehand, you have to take time to figure it out. That thing is so high-tech and confusing, but I still LOVE my pink one.

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5.) Make it Personal

The entire point of making a paddle is to reflect your big or your relationship with her in the design of the paddle! So, don’t try to make it a pinterest perfect precise paddle if you know you are going to struggle with it. As long as your big feels warm and fuzzy when she sees it, then mission accomplished!

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