Fusion Friday: How to Prep for Spinal Fusion Surgery!

This is the most common question I get asked from women who are about to have spinal fusion surgery to correct their scoliosis!

“How do I prepare for that???”

Workout Your Abs!

This is probably the most important part of your body to work on before having surgery!

Since most of your muscles are going to be healing and hurting, getting out of bed to go potty and walking during PT will be very hard! If you have a strong core to tighten and engage while moving, the stress and pressure is taken off of your back muscles.

I can truly attest to this! When I had be third spinal fusion at the age of 20, I prepped by lifting weights, yoga, and focusing on core. The surgery was hard of course, but I passed my PT test the day after my surgery. I was able to walk down the hall and up a set of practice stairs and back! I was so impressed and so were all the nurses! My previous surgeries took a full 7 day week in the hospital to recover, but this time, I was only there for 3 or 4 days before going home!

It was very empowering to see how respecting and loving my body through exercise made HUGE difference in recovery.

This is the exact video I used in preparation for my surgery.

Mentally Prepare

Every time I hear I have to have surgery, I panic on the inside because I know that I won’t be self-sufficient and will need help doing just about everything. I have to prep myself mentally to be able to accept help from others, especially since I like to do things myself. For me, this involves a lot of prayer and family support.

Another important mental preparation is knowing the facts that you WILL gain weight from being immobile for a month or so. In addition to that, you will be very swollen in your torso.

It’s crucial to remember that gaining 10 lbs. is not the end of the world. Your body needed the surgery for a reason, to fix your spine! Once you are healed up and the doctor gives you approval to do regular exercises, you can focus on losing the weight you put on.

Take it slow and listen to your body! Focus on low impact cardio like walking around the park (or Super Target) or my fave, riding the stationary bike with the comfy seats so I can scroll through social media or watch a movie on my phone.

If you don’t let it stress you out, losing the weight will be a breeze!

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Ask your Besties for their Support

Some of your friends will not understand how to be your friend during a time like this and that is okay. Many people haven’t had a friend go through major surgery before, so my best advice is to explain what YOU NEED from your BFFs.

If you want space, arrange where you guys only talk on FaceTime. If you need support, ask if your BFF can come over X times a week to watch a movie with you and socialize. If he or she is a good friend then they will understand and try to accommodate your needs.

Pack your Hospital Bag

You will need to pack a Hospital Bag with tons of essentials for the hospital since you will be away from home for about a week!


Stay tuned for next Fusion Friday to see a WHOLE ENTIRE post on what to pack!

Love this blog??? Help support us by becoming a Patron HERE! There you will get EXCLUSIVE Content, Podcasts, and eCourses!

🍏HELLO FRESH🍏 Get $40 off on your order when you use my code “TaylorIsTh”

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