A Pinterest perfect day full of wedges, sun dresses, big floppy hats, women who are bloggers and small business owners… and lots of fruity drinks!

Originating in California, BABECHELLA travels around the country to the different chapters of Blogger Babes. San Antonio just so happens to have a chapter, so I didn’t have to travel far at all! The event was about a 15 minute drive from my apartment.

The best part is, this event was totally FREE! I just showed up with my cute self and my ticket. I arrived a little early and I waited in line for no more than 10 minutes.

When I reached the front of the line I was handed a Swag Bag that was stuffed with awesome samples and coupons! My two favorite things in life, obviously.

I was stoked from the start! I went to this event by myself, so I had to force myself to network instead of just chatting with a friend of mine the whole time.

I put my social face on and grabbed a margarita before walking around. Unfortunately, this margarita was $9 and tasted like Topo Chico with a squirt of lime. As a San Antonio woman, I was a little bummed out by this, but I persisted!


I really enjoyed the vendors that came to the event. If I had no self-control and more money, it would be so easy to just buy everything! Especially, since it would be supporting local stores.

After touring the sunny shopping areas, I cooled off inside and got a Turmeric Pineapple Mimosa! It was so good and strong. The best drink of the day.

I heard the announcement for the fashion show earlier and wanted to get a seat with my drink and enjoy myself! I chatted with the people around me, then cheered on the models as they came out in their outfits from the boutiques.

It truly was a lovely day!



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