“Beach Bod” Social Media Detox

We all know the stupidity in the term, “beach body”. Yet, we all know it’s at least a passing thought to start a diet when bikini pictures are popping up all over social media. It’s easy to slip into the mindset of not being good-enough, too fat, or unworthy.

So, let’s just avoid that mindset this summer. We can do that by identifying triggers on social media and getting rid of them!


Start with the obvious. Unfollow influencers that make you feel like shit about your body. You might follow them because they are amazing people with great style, blah blah blah, but if their feed makes you sad, unfollow! Life is too short to be sad every time you open up a silly little app on your phone.

There were tons of people I used to follow that I obsessed over for hours. I would compare pictures of myself with their pictures and pick apart everything that I hated about my body. I tried to become that exact person instead of just trying to be myself.

Next, you have to unfollow people you know IRL if they make you feel that same way. Odds are, if you feel negatively towards them, you aren’t good friends away. Just click unfollow and move on with your life.



I usually use facebook purely for the old people in my life and for the occasional dank meme or cat video. However, I do have friends from my past on there that love to spread negativity or show off their weight loss (or wedding/engagement pictures for the 100th time). The toxicity has got to go, sis!

You don’t even have to unfriend them now-a-days. Just unfollow them on their profile to hide them from your timeline. Quick and easy. Nobody gets hurt.


I dare you right now to delete your “Dream Body” board. Odds are, you will not ever look like Bella Hadid without plastic surgery. Bella Hadid doesn’t even look like that without plastic surgery, so don’t be so damn hard on yourself!!!

Make a new board that is filled with body positivity quotes and celebs who look like you CURRENTLY! Find the beauty in who you are right now.

This doesn’t mean I support the movement of “healthy obesity” because that is not possible. However, I DO SUPPORT loving yourself regardless of what you look like at your current weight. When you learn to love yourself, being healthy will fall into place much easier because you would be doing it for YOURSELF.

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