10 Things to do When your Back Hurts from scoliosis!

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1.) Toke it up

Okay, so this one is obvious. You all know I am going to say, “if your back hurts, smoke weed.” Hands down, the best way to relax your muscles and mind. If my back gets to a certain point, I start to have a panic attack because it is so intense! But, if I take moment and smoke a bowl, my pain reduces to a normal level and I calm down.

To each their own, but I think it would be pretty silly not to use something God gave us for healing. But that’s just my opinion.

2.) Go for a walk around the neighborhood

When my hips or lower back start to get tight, I know it’s downhill from there if I give into the pain and curl up in bed. Instead, I like to loop my apartment complex a couple times. I walk for no more than 20-30 minutes because I’ll start to hurt from walking.

You may have to find your own balance, but for me, if I walk for about 20 minutes my lower back and hips loosen up and feel better. However, if I hit that 30 minute mark my neck will start to kill me.

3.) Stretch it out

I am a HUGE advocate for Yoga. Since scoliosis impacts our muscles so much, we need to make sure they are taken care of. That means stretching them and toning them through your favorite exercise!

I really enjoy lifting weights at the gym then heading to the stationary bike for about 10 or so miles. After, I’ll go to a mat and do some yoga. I’ll listen to my body while doing Sun Salutations to know where I need to stretch. I prefer doing solo yoga because it is peaceful and I can go at my own pace.

If you do a yoga class make sure it is a restorative yoga flow. Follow all the old men with bad knees to whatever class they are taking! That’s what you want! If not, you are basically in various plank positions for an hour and that messes up my neck and back more than helping it.

You can also ask the instructor before class about variations you can do for your back. It is the instructors job to make sure everyone is safe, so he or she should be more than happy to accommodate your needs and answer all your questions.

The internet is great because if your neck is hurting you can simply type “neck stretches” into Instagram, YouTube, or Pinterest and MILLIONS of stretches will come up. It’s incredibly easy to research all of this from your phone at the gym or at home!

4.) Take a bath

I have a bad obsession with Lush products. Their skin care and bath bombs are the only reason I go to the mall. Everything there is hand-made, vegan, and animal cruelty free!

So, when I have a bad back day I turn on my bath and add a bath bomb and muscle relaxing essential oils! The bath bombs already have Epsom Salt in them, but I usually like to add more in my back, so I can detox!

I recommend chugging ice water while you are in the bath for a full 20 minutes to soak in all the goodness. If not, you MUST drink water after. If you don’t, your muscles will cramp and be worse because the toxins get released from your bloodstream back into your muscles. We don’t need that drama, so just drink your water, okay.

5.) Work on a hobby

Distracting yourself seems like it’s not the best solution, but sometimes when the pain is bad, it’s all you can do. My hobby (and my job) is writing! I have so many kinds of projects I work on. I can get lost in my thoughts and produce some amazing work even when I feel horrible!

Of course, your hobby can be anything that distracts you! Like knitting, netflixing, cooking, or whatever it is that you do! Do it!

6.) Read

I love books. I love articles. I love magazines. I love reading all those stupid click-bate posts on Facebook. I love to read.

Get in a comfy spot and curl up with a good book or your device. Again, it’s distraction, but it works! Blast some Lofi hip-hop for chill background noise if your mind wonders while you read.

7.) Journal about it

This can mean writing about how your back hurts, tracking your pain to avoid certain activities, or creating awesome templates and doodling with bullet journaling! If you aren’t organized with journaling, like me, you may want to try a self-care journal that is already laid out for you!

I recently came across a blog with an adorable, printable Self-Care Journal! Check it out!


8.) Laugh!

They say laughter is the best medicine, right??? I like to turn on Netflix and find a good stand-up comedy special. Laughing at stupid jokes is a great distraction.

The same thing works with horror movies! I get really stressed out by horror movies and feel like I am actually in them! So, I’m not exactly focused on my pain when a demon jumps out on screen.

9.) Go to a pool or hot tub

I know most people don’t have this as an easy option, but if you do, swimming is great when your back feels very compressed and tight. Do a few laps or just float on your back to ease the tension. Thankfully, my apartment complex also has a hot tub, so I love to soak in that (when it actually works smh).

10.) Fascial Release

If you’ve read my blog before, you know I am a HUGE fan of fascial release for pain management and prevention! If you are having a bad flair up, this will help ease some of that pain and pinching.

You can read all about it here!

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