My Favorite Books About Spiritual Warfare

As my life shifts from being a college student to a real adult, whatever that means, I know that the devil is going to try to stop me from my purpose and destiny in Christ. Lately, I feel a theme of distraction happening in my life.

Distractions can be something as small as getting upset, worrying about money, or in my case, stress cleaning and laying in a pit of depression. Literally, ANYTHING that distracts you from the work you should be doing. Now, this is not an excuse to have a dirty home, not pay the bills, or shut people out. Simply, a reminder to get the work of the day actually done.

I read a blog a while back (if I remember it, I’ll link it), talking about how, “if you want to find water, dig one 6 ft. well instead of six 1 ft wells.” This really resonated with me because I am such a busy body who is constantly trying to seek opportunities. But how stupid was I to not think, “give your all in this ONE place that the Lord is calling you to.”

Since the Lord Jesus knows we are easily distracted and… human, we don’t have to fight this alone! We can pray to Jesus that we hear His voice and the direction we need to go in life. Ask for discernment and wisdom and it will be granted to you! Ask for forgiveness for being distracted or even lazy.


We don’t stop there because there are powerful forces against us (of course, not as powerful as Jesus) that NEVER EVER take a day off or get distracted from working hard to Kill, Steal, and Destroy your blessings, your longevity, and your destiny in God’s plan.

Knowing that, it’s easy to think about how this has happened in the past! Take a moment to think about times when you fell victim of this.

Good examples of this would be; going to places the Lord would not approve of (strip clubs, night clubs, casinos, y mas), involvement in hardcore drugs, being reckless with your life and others (drunk driving, etc.), suicidality, and involvement in other “religions” or cults.

Every person has their own journey and set of challenges, but the theme is the same Kill (you), Steal (your blessings), and Destroy (your destiny). So, watch for that and actively fight against it!

So, how do we do that???

Many churches gloss over spiritual warfare because it is not happy and fun like churches try to be. That is so horribly wrong because ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away. In fact, the devil finds victory when Christians ignore the whole other side of the battle and pretend he doesn’t exist. BECAUSE WE WON’T BE FIGHTING AGAINST IT.

Even recently, before I did my own research, I thought things were pretty black and white about spiritual warfare, but honey, there’s so much more to it than I ever even knew.

Have you ever watched a scary movie where they explain demonology in detail? Usually, they have done their research for accuracy and the things they are talking about ARE TRUE. Yes, there are lots of acceptations of course, but that’s why it is important to research on your own (using Christian books from credible authors and the Bible – NOT anything to do with the occult. That will open many unholy doors.) My thought is, “how come the enemy, and those who follow the enemy, knows the ins and outs of the system from both perspectives? Yet, we are supposed to fight against that, but have NO knowledge of how their world actually works.”

Simple answer – check yo facts. #educate


*This is NOT an affiliate link* I genuinely love these books! They are written by credible authors who know their stuff. Regardless, always cross check with the Bible if something seems sketchy or not biblically sound.

You can buy both of these books on amazon for about $10 or less! Unmasking the Devil was such a good read. I couldn’t put it down! I learned so much because this book is written by a man who was deeply involved in the occult, santeria, and palo mayombe. Now, he has been a born again Christian for many decades and has devoted his life to showing people the other side of the fight and how to equip ourselves for whatever comes our way and even how to prevent it.

I use this book as part of my daily devotions because each tactic is about 2-3 pages. The perfect bite-sized read with my morning cup of coffee! This book is a bit more lighthearted than the other, but doesn’t gloss over anything important!

I really hope you chose to read these books because they are life changing! You will see when you read them!

I love you all and thank you for reading!


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