This $3 trick you need for your scoliosis pain

Yes, you read that right. $3. I felt amazed, and a little stupid, that something so inexpensive can make such a huge impact on my back pain and back health.

So, this story goes back to a few years ago when I did myofascial therapy. If you don’t know what that is, I will get into all the specifics shortly. Honestly, I can say that this was the best type of physical therapy I have ever done and highly recommend it. The only problem is it is SO FREAKING EXPENSIVE!

For each 1-hour session, it was $150…. and you do that 3 times a week.

Most insurances can cover this partially or whole, so still look into it, but my insurance thought this was a luxury expense and we also have a high deductible. Talk about overwhelming money guilt!!!

I felt really great with my back and the progress I was making, but the cost was insane and made me kind of pissed. The good news is, we can hack the system, Ladies.

The myofascial place offered tons of educational resources for self fascial release. I took their $35 class where I learned all about what fascia is and how it impacts our health so much. I also learned several stretches and exercises that will help the process. This is another good alternative that is inexpensive, informative, and it comes with a fascia ball.

So What is Fascia????

(I am not a doctor, this is just what some lady told me and it worked soooo yeah don’t sue me, k.)

In a nutshell, fascia is the webbing of connective tissue between your skin and your muscles (and in between your muscles). It’s kind of how we stay put together! Healthy fascia is moist and stretchy like a rubber band (yes, those are technical terms lmao), while unhealthy fascia is firm and bunched up constricting the muscles and skin. This is what also causes cellulite!

A lot of the time when we have a painful “knot” in our back, the muscle truly freaking wants to relax, but the fascia is like, “no…hun.”

Which just means more pain for us. BUT. We can break apart that unhealthy fascia and allow the muscles to relax. This will also allow the fascia to stop being a little bitch and repair itself to allow healthy blood flow to your muscles, etc.

Okay, let’s get down to business.

The first thing you need is a firm, but squishy ball about the size of a big orange. Again, this is very technical. I got mine for $3 at the most amazing store ever, “5 Below”, where everything is $5 or under!

They have a shit ton of amazing products ranging from home decor, clothing, workout gear, beauty, seasonal items, toys, candy, school supplies, and so much more. Not to sound snotty, but imagine the Chanel version of Dollar Tree. That is $5 Below and I love it. I have two locations way too close to my apartment and I might have a problem (this was not sponsored, I just love to hype that store up.)

So, get a ball from there or from whatever you have in your area. Make sure that it doesn’t kill when you lay on it, hence the squishy. But, it also needs to be firm enough that you feel the ball when you lay down on it.

When you get home, lay on the floor flat on your back. Adjust your hips and shoulders and your general scoliosis-ness to make yourself as straight as you can.

Next, you have to listen to your body. Roll the ball under your back, hips, shoulder, neck, booty, or even legs, and feel the sensation where the ball meets your back.

Remember we are searching for what is uncomfortable, so be careful and take it slow.

If you are laying on the ball and you feel nothing, move to another spot because healthy tissue doesn’t hurt when you apply pressure. Find a spot where you feel Burning, Stinging, or Tightness.

NOTE: If it hurts like a muthafuka, you can move it over a little away from that spot. That just means you have a lot of angry fascia that needs multiple “sessions” of self-release. Work from the outside in. You should NEVER be in pain that is unbearable or too uncomfortable. You should be able to relax, so that your muscles can relax. ALSO, don’t roll around on your fusion if you have one. Keep the ball next to the spine, not on it.

Keep the ball there for about 5 full minutes and relax, making sure to keep a mind body connection with that spot. Take deep breaths and stay still. In that 5 minutes, you will start to feel the muscle relax by twitching or pulsing. When you feel this, stay put for the love of God because that means it is working and that muscle is finally able to relax for the first time in forever.

If your back feels like its burning like crazy, then you have to keep going on that spot whenever you self-release. Remember, healthy tissue shouldn’t hurt when there is pressure applied. That should be our goal.

Of course, with a disease like Scoliosis, your back is probs messed up majorly, so this is more of something to do everyday as a preventative measure, not a cure.

Doing this everyday will help prevent flair ups, calm flair ups, and provide nice, refreshing blood flow.

Anyway, I really hope you guys try this because it freaking works!!! It’s so simple and easy to add to your daily routine, there’s no reason not to try it!

Comment below if you tried this or have done this before!! Some people so this with rolled up socks, but that never has the same effect as a ball does, for me personally. Let me know how your experiences was and if you have any more nuggets of wisdom to share.

I love each and every one of you!


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