Spring Cleaning: DIY Door Wreath

SPRING HAS SPRUNG! That means spring cleaning and spring decor is a must! Only, that stuff is usually a bit out of my budget, being fresh out of college. So, my favorite thing to do is to make-over decorations I find at thrift stores OR find hella coupons like in my post, “How I Get $100 Worth of Items FREE Every Month at Victoria’s Secret!” Ya girl, never pays full price.

When thrifting, the most important thing to have is; time! Yes, take time to look at every single little item! You can miss out on the coolest things if you are just scanning the shelves in a rush. If you can spend an hour in a thrift store, you will find way more than expected. I love thrifting because it is all about the hunt and seeing creative potential for each item.

Recently, I have been binge watching, “The Sorry Girls” on YouTube for inspiration and helpful tips and tricks! They always advise to keep an eye out for, “books, baskets, and botanicals” for decorating essentials.

The mass of my Goodwill and Hobby lobby haul which will slowly be revealed to you! Since it was Mother’s day weekend, there were so many great sales to take advantage of! Most items I purchased were 50% off! Cha-ching! Items for $1 make me happy. My cat, Ophelia seems to approve the purchases. She helped me with every step of my crating day!

Now, all of these items are eventually going to be redone as a “Thrift Flip”, but for now I want to just show you how I made this scary, dirty thrift store wreath into something that makes me smile every time I see my door!

I bought this sad, little wreath for $2.99 at Goodwill. It has good bones and already has some greenery. The lavender flowers were worn out and old, so I ripped those off and threw them in the trash! The previous DIY-er who had this wreath left a ton of hot glue showing, which is pretty tacky, so I pulled it off or covered it up.

I got all of my fake flowers from Hobby Lobby at 50% off. I went crazy looking at every single flower to find the perfect bouquet. I looked for a mix of textures and colors that coordinate with the inside of my apartment. Like, a little preview of the living room before going in.

Real talk, at the store, I accidentally poked a 10-year-old boy in his stomach with the ends of my flowers. It was probably the most awkward interaction I have had in a while. He was okay. Just really annoyed.

These flowers were way too “stem-y”, so I cut the buds off and hot glued them to the first two pairs of leaves. This added more volume and coverage instead of having narrow stems poking everywhere.

These little pink roses were my favorite! They added that soft touch of girly pink and some contrast in the green.

When arranging the flowers, I just made a pattern of flowers and continued it around the circle. All of the flowers faced out or clockwise to make sure it flows. I only used 1 hot glue stick for this project because a little goes a long way with tiny, fluffy flowers. Plus, I didn’t want gob of glue spots showing, so everything was tucked away nicely.

Here is the finished product! It just screams, “spring!” Of course, Darrel and I had to do a photo shoot in front of the doorway to show off the cuteness.

“Dis is my wreath, guys”
Notice the pictures he takes of me VS. the ones I take of him. LMAO

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