How to Manage Scoliosis Pain At the Bar!

6 Pro-Tips on how to enjoy going to a bar when you have chronic pain from Scoliosis and/or Spinal Fusion!

1.) Find a Chair with a Back. ASK!

“Barstool” is a dirty word in my dictionary because those chairs have NO BACK SUPPORT! So, if you can help it, don’t sit at the bar or in a chair without a back. Most bars have a few seating options like booths or folding chairs, but if you don’t see any, ask someone who works there if they have an extra chair somewhere. Just mention something about spinal surgery and usually, people will go above and beyond to help you out!

Another option is to ask to switch spots with another group of people. I would approach a group of women or un-confrontational looking men and let them know why you need it! Most people are super nice about it and say something like, “of course! My cousin has scoliosis, so I know you need this chair!”

If you don’t ask, the answer is always no!

2.) Dress Comfy

If you are graduated from college, like me, you probably don’t have the energy or the desire to get dolled up in a tiny dress and heels to go drinking. My group and I went out Sunday night, for Cinco De Mayo, all dressed in workout clothes and had a blast! You don’t have to look like a hobo because there is an art to dressing comfy cute. I had on memory foam sketchers, leggings, a black mini backpack, and a $10 over-sized Space Jam T-shirt from Wal-Mart. I got complimented all night. Most importantly, I felt comfy and snugly which helped me relax and enjoy the time I had with friends! So many nights have been spoiled for me because my back would start to ache, burn, and pinch and I would just have to stand there in agony until I could go home.

3.) Smoke/ Vape Inside

My vape pen is my medicine! About 2 years ago, I made a tough (not really) decision to get off ALL of my prescription and over-the-counter pain meds and smoke medicinal marijuana throughout the day instead! First of all, I cannot stress to you how tired, weak, and uncoordinated I felt when taking pain meds that only kind of helped my pain. Plus, my liver was already showing early signs of damage in my late teen years from processing the pills. I was shookith and knew something had to change. Not to mention how dangerous it is to mix pain meds and alcohol! I have had some very scary experiences with alcohol and I prefer that not to ever happen again. Weed and a splash of alcohol (and 0 meds) is the perfect mixture to have the best night of your life!

If you cannot obtain a THC oil pen where you live, a CBD pen still can work wonders for muscle relaxation! I’ll write a whole post sometime explaining why I prefer and recommend THC as opposed to just straight CBD (they work better together!!!).

Anyway, the local bar my sister and our boyfriends usually go to doesn’t mind people vaping inside, so it’s pretty easy to sneak the THC pen because you can’t tell the difference and regular people don’t give a shit! We don’t actually have to sneak because my sister’s boyfriend is bff with the bar owner who is also pro-marijuana and smokes with us! So, having that option to smoke and relax my back and not feel in pain helps my night go a lot smoother!

4.) Go Somewhere Comfy and Familiar

I’m not advising to never go anywhere new, but if you have a few bars in mind that have couches or chairs, why not just go there? Pro-Tip: If you are thinking about going somewhere new, search the bar online and see if there are any pictures posted of their seating area, if any. Skip it and try another one!

5.) Go with People Who Support Your Back and Your Disability

Having friends and family who understand my pain and know I am in agony 24/7 is the best thing a girl can have! They are happy to give up their seats, go to a bar that has chairs, or lend you their vape pen!

6.) A Cute Little Pillow or Small Blanket

A bit of back support goes a long way! Leave a small pillow in your car that you know can support your back. Pull it out whenever you need some extra comfort in your chair. Sometimes, foldout chairs hit me right where my fusion and my lumbar meet. It’s very uncomfortable! Having a pillow ready to go is a back saver!

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