Feminist Perspective on Christian Head Covering

1.) What is Feminism?

Feminist is often deemed as a dirty word especially in some Christian cultures, but in my personal journey with God, I feel that it is NOT DIRTY. We should all be feminists regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, etc.

Being a feminist is not as complicated or strange as media makes it out to be. Just like with anything else, there will be extremists who take it to a WHOLE OTHER level with the vagina hats and what not. Being feminist is not about that at all. Simply, feminism is equality of men and women (within physical ability of course). Good examples of this would be women being able to become CEOs or hold office in government, having equal pay, attending university, and even voting (not having co-ed sports! lol)

2.) Women of the Bible

There are plenty of women in the Bible to look to for examples of this, even in that time period where women were treated as property. Feminism is not an excuse to be a Jezebel, but instead the opportunity to be and Esther, Mary, or Martha! Especially in OUR society, it is much easier to be a Jezebel and trust me, I know. Through that, I know it is so much harder to be a “good girl” and lose friends and IG followers because you’re a “Bible Thumper”. To me, that takes way more bravery to put your faith wide open than to hide it (we shouldn’t hide it!!)

Esther is a great example of this! She was just a regular (secretly Jewish) girl who happened to be so beautiful that she married King Xerxes who was a big time racist against Jews from the influence of Haman. If your aren’t familiar with the story, stop here and go read the book of Esther because it’s seriously amazing. Anyway, Esther GRACEFULLY and OBEDIENTLY followed what God wanted her to do and even being a woman and not in a position of real authority, she still managed to save her people! Easily, she could have gone her whole life without revealing her nationality, staying quiet, and living the life as a Queen, but instead she spoke up and risked everything, even her life, to save her people. Now that is a power move.

3.) Head Covering and Culture

In the past, head coverings are thought of as a way to oppress women and in most cases, I totally agree! Especially with head covering not being mainstream for Christians and looked down upon for those reasons. But the big questions is… if women cover for prayer and prophecy (1 Corinthians) is that not equal to men? No, because it has NOTHING to do with men (this ain’t about you!!!) Feminism has nothing to do with being higher than God and in Christianity wearing a head covering is submission to GOD, not men! Men aren’t allowed to cover and have their own set of rules to follow.

4.) Can a Feminist Submit to God?

Yes!! Like I said before, God isn’t “The Man” and shouldn’t be thought of that way. God LOVES us and submitting to God shouldn’t be a chore or make you feel oppressed. Instead, you should feel even more powerful because you are a daughter of the one true God who has got your back.

Submitting to God is following his rules, not because it’s required, but because it is desired!

5.) Can a Feminist Submit to Her Husband?

YES!! It is one of GOD’S rules to submit to your husband, but God also calls men out to step up and do this the right way! Not in a 1950’s housewife making sandwiches for eternity type of way. If you step back and allow your husband to lead, life is much easier on you. Women like to take on the responsibilities of everyone and stress about it, but that is not what we are called to do. Don’t you want to be able to relax a little and let someone else step up? (Doesn’t that sound more equal? Or maybe even… Feminist?)

6.) Is Head Covering Right for Me?

The Bible does clearly require it and we are called to follow the rules, but some have second thoughts on it because of the controversy surrounding the subject. (Why are we debating something we were told to do anyway??) The main debate discusses how Paul wanted the women to distinguish themselves from prostitutes who had shaved heads at the time. So, all that was required was to have hair.

The reason why this argument is not strong is because this was over 200 years AFTER is was commonplace for there to be shaved prostitutes. Women had hair, even the ones that were not Christ followers. So, yes Paul wanted us women to distinguish ourselves by covering our head to show that God covers us! I think this is just as applicable today as it was then.

7.) How Often Should I Wear It?

Paul says that we should wear it only during prayer and prophecy. This is what I currently do and would love to have the bravery to wear one all the time, but I am working on it! The Bible says to, “never stop praying” so that is another argument for if we should wear a covering all the time. You should pray on it and read the Bible for yourself and see what the Holy Spirit urges you to do.

I’ll be honest the Holy Spirit urges me to wear it all the time in public, but I am afraid! It’s silly. Pray for me!

8.) How Can I Make This Fashionable?

There are so many types of head coverings in the world. If you are going for a more subtle look to dip your toe in the water, wear a thick headband and work your way up to a tichel! Make it fun and cute if you want, there’s nothing against that.

9.) Am I Doing it for the WRONG Reasons?

Are you doing it to glorify your Father in Heaven?

Or for the attention of others, just because it’s cute, or even to appropriate another culture?

It’s not the covering that is most important, but the spirit behind why!

10.) Ask God, Not Me!

To wrap this up, remember that this is your own spiritual journey with Jesus and it is up to you to pray for wisdom and discernment on what is right.

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