Trends That Should STAY in 2019!

1.) Thigh High Boots and Socks

The over the knee look has been taking over for the past few years and I would hate to see it go! Not only can this trend be styled sexy, but it it also can be modestly! 

Pro Tip: If your boots roll down (or you don’t have any at all), instead just buy over the knee socks and wear them with your favorite heels of the SAME color! Looks exactly like boots, but more fitting. 

2.) Over-sized Sweaters 

Speaking of modesty, I love over-sized sweaters and hoodies because they are so, so comfy and cover everything! It’s an easy outfit that can be worn from day to night. Yes, you wear shorts underneath. I usually wear Nike Pro shorts. 

Going to thrift stores and looking at the men’s section is the holy grail btw. 

3.) Chokers

This is such a cute nod to the original 1800’s trend of wearing a bun and a choker. This style has been wildly popular over the years reviving itself in the 20’s, 40’s, 90’s, and 2010’s! I think it’s pretty obvious we like this one. I love how a choker can make an outfit so much more edgy and give me a nice jaw line.

4.) Wearing All Things Soft

The winter (and college lectures) is made for being snugly and warm, so I usually make sure I have my fuzzy essentials; socks, leggings, hoodies, sweaters…

5.) Perpetually Drinking Coffee 

There’s something about holding a Starbucks cup that is just so empowering. Everyone knows I’m the boss and I am here for business! 

But usually I’m just walking into a lecture late with my Venti Breve Misto with 4 pumps SF Vanilla (Darrel, panics every time I want him to stop by Starbucks because… that’s so hard to say!)

Ariana Grande totally launched this trend into mass popularity since her fame because she is frequently found by paparazzi drinking her “Gandre” sized coffee. She usually drinks her iced coffee black or with almond milk and also enjoys a warm soy latte.  

6.) Bringing Small Dogs Everywhere 

Pretty much at every sorority meeting I go to, someone somewhere brings a different tiny dog and it is AWESOME! Who doesn’t like seeing baby dogs??? Instant mood boost. Paris Hilton, the Queen of packing tiny dogs, is a genius. 

7.) Creating Bullet Journals  

Bullet Journals can be anything  you want it to be. Star by getting organized by copying templates from Printerest or even private FB groups. Bullet journals are usually based around a list or a goal, for example, you can use it as a financial tracker, a calendar, to-do list, and even track your mood from day to day. Although, there’s an app for all of this, sometimes it is nice to unwind and decorate a journal the old fashioned way! Bullet jounraling is very soothing in the same way that drawing and writing is because it incorporates both. 

8.) Building Awareness 

What movement are you passionate about? Use your voice to spread awareness. With so many movements making headway, why not help those causes? Can’t afford to donate much? Then, give a shout out on your instagram story to your favorite charity, make a post about your personal struggles (or share someone else’s), educate yourself on the facts, so you can talk to your friends with ease! That’s just a start.

I use my social media as a platform for Scoliosis and mental health support!

9.) Meatless Mondays 

Some of us can’t give up meat forever, but could you deal without it for just one day? Look at what not eating meat on Mondays is a great idea:

10.) Tiny Home Communities 

This is a cheap and realistic alternative to buying the “American Dream Home”. With homelessness on the constant rise and property and rent increases, it is common for young adults to be homeless. There are varying scales on what homelessness is. It is not always that stereotypical person on the side of the road begging for change that looks rough and has a history of substance abuse…. It’s single mothers and their kids staying in a hotel, it’s people who work 12+ hours a day, but don’t have a bed to go home to, it’s your friend that moves around from couch to couch, where ever people let him… Tiny Home communities are trying to change that!

On a single night in 2017, nearly 41,000 (40,799) unaccompanied youth were counted as homeless. Of those, 88 percent were between the ages of 18 to 24. The remaining 12 percent (or 4,789 unaccompanied children) were under the age of 18.
The Alliance estimates that over the course of a year, approximately 550,000 unaccompanied youth and young adults up to age 24 experience a homelessness episode of longer than one week. More than half are under the age of 18. 

Along with helping homelessness, tiny homes offer a modest affordable starter home for young adults and couples. Some have the option of mobility and can be taken cross country! With less space, you can’t buy at much stuff, yet again saving you more money! Tiny is better, easier, and cheaper all around. The prices of these type homes will continue to decrease as they become a more common housing option. 

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