How to Get OVER $100 of FREE Goodies at Victoria’s Secret Every Month!

Hello everyone! Y’all requested that I show you how I shop at Victoria’s Secret and VS PINK for cheap! The answers to all your longing questions is below! 

1.) Christmas Gifts 

So, down to business. This last haul I did was not my best if we are honest with ourselves, but it’s the Holidays and I splurged and got some full price PJ bottoms. Oops. 🙂 But I did get a lot of free stuff! This can basically save you “double the money” right now because it’s that season where we have to buy all our friends and family something to fit snugly under the tree. One of the deals I got was, “Buy a PJ Set, Get Slippers for Free” which is a great deal considering the PJs were also about $10 off their usual price! This makes for a perfect gift set for only $39.50, but it seems as though you spent way more. Another option is to give one person the PJs and another person the Slippers! Just remember to order their size, not your’s! 

Side note: I am actually keeping all of these items because this year my family is NOT giving gifts at Christmas for a very special reason, but that’s another post!

 2.) Get the Credit Card

I know thats probably horrible advice, but its honestly how I save so much money! The perks are unreal; points (3X the points during December), perks, coupons, birthday gift, FREE shipping and rewards!! The exclusive deals are insane. Some months I feel like they are just giving away so much product!!! 

Of course be responsible with this because it is a CC! But, it’s actually a great card to start building credit and not break the bank or put you in debt. The minimum payment is $27 a month and has a limit of $250 (Your limit increases quickly if you stay up with payments!) So, you can either pay off your entire bill every month (the smart thing to do) or just pay that inexpensive minimum balance and buy yourself the 7 for $30 panties (or whatever the sale is!) 

3.) Shopping In Person? Keep Your Mail!

This is old school, yes, but keep your coupons you get in the mail because they usually go with each other and can be combined!! To be strategic and get the BEST deal in person, use the paper coupons. 

4.) Shopping Online? Honey and VS Deals

Get the “Honey” plug in for your laptop ASAP! It searches the entire web, inserts coupon codes to your order, AND automatically calculates the best deal for your order!! It’s so easy… Go get it right meow. 

Then, the holy grail of deals (not coupon codes) will be on the VS website at the bottom of the screen. You just click to see all the offers, like how I used my Buy 1, Get 1 Free to get the Very Sexy perfume for free!! 

My Complete Haul Below!! 





Pj Set (S)- $49 – $39.50

Pj Bottoms (M) – $49.50

Perfume – $68 – FREE

Slippers (M – 7.5 – 8)) $29.50 – FREE

Purse – $68


Free Products – $95.50

Money Saved on Order – $104.98

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