Earning Money on Instagram




Health Coaching

You name it… I’ve done it. Not all of these were based on the money, but more of the passion I had. With selling health and weight loss products comes a lot of fun, education, and opportunity. However, so much backlash! Everyone suddenly becomes a scientist to tell you how ignorant you are for thinking anything you have to pay for doesn’t work.  Before I go off on a rant about that, I’ll get back on subject.

I know how to work Insta pretty well for several different markets.

  1. Find your Niche

Mine was not health. I became obsessed with trying to live up to the standards of what I posted on the gram. That lasted a year, but it was soul sucking, but also a great learning experience. Perhaps I’ll write more on that in another post.

I’ve always loved writing, so with my seflies I write about my life a little or I post to my story a lot with updates to grow community! This is the best way to keep your following is by building a personal connection with followers, so you are the first story they click when they open up IG in the morning.

I have many facets to my life, one of which is I am about to start student teaching this January. Many teacher blogs are amazing! Although, I did notice that there was a lack of IG accounts about Teacher Style. Nothing was cute or trendy in my opinion and I wanted that to change. So, I found an interest I was passionate about matched with a public need and BAM! I have my content.

2. Earning Commission:


The funny truth is I slid in to the DMs of all my favorite brands and offers poured in!!

All I said was, “Hi! I’d like to apply to be an affiliate :)”

That’s it!!


Also, AWIN is amazing for tracking and earning commission when you don’t know where to start!!

Click Here:

3.) Consistency is KEY!


If you try everyday…. You will see results. Just like with anything else; studying, working out…


What else are wanting to know??? Comment below!




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